what is 3d printing

What Is 3D Printing? An Additive Manufacturing Guide

3D printing allows you to print physical objects from a digital file, or model. This technology has been used by architects, industrial designers and artists, as well as many others. It does not require the use of molds or castings – it saves time and money while making products that are more complicated in shape […]

how to design minatures for 3d printing

How To Design Miniatures For 3D Printing

With advances in 3D printing technology, it has become easier than ever to make miniature objects at home, and many people are using this process as a way to create personalized designs. With a basic knowledge of 3D modeling software and some cheap modelling tools from online stores, you should be able to create models […]

layer height

What Is Layer Height In 3D Printing? Does It Matter?

When 3D printers were first introduced, they typically only had the capability to print small parts with a maximum layer height of 0.2 mm. As the 3D printing industry continues to grow and change, so does the variety of products that can be printed. One aspect that has become more popular as 3D printing matures […]