Are 3D Printing Pieces Strong?

3D printing is a new technology that allows us to digitally design and fabricate anything with a 3D printer. But this wonder of the modern world doesn’t come without its downsides. Material strength is the biggest problem 3D printers face.

Are 3D Printing Pieces Strong?

3D printers are limited by their current material selection. For example, if a 3D printer is meant to print an object with a lot of curving surfaces, it’s going to need a very strong and flexible filament. Filaments like this aren’t available yet for most 3D printers.

The typical plastics used in 3D printing have high tensile strength, but low compressive strength. This means that they work wonderfully for things like jewelry, but won’t be able to hold up to any kind of pressure or stress.

Future of 3D Printing

New filaments are being developed every day that are stronger than the plastics used previously. As more signs of progress in 3D printing technology, we’re expecting objects printed with it to get stronger and more durable over time