Why Do 3D Printers Have Enclosures?

Have you ever wondered why at least some 3d printers have enclosures? This article will explore why 3d printers have enclosures and what the benefits are. It will also talk about the most common enclosure materials used on these devices, as well as any risks you might encounter with in an enclosed environment.


Why Do 3D Printers Have Enclosures?

3-D printers have enclosures to provide safety and security of items being printed. This is particularly important in the case of plastic 3-D printers as these plastics produce a lot of fumes when heated. The enclosures aim to prevent these fumes from escaping into the air and causing health problems as well as keeping any heated plastic in a contained space.

For an enclosure to be efficient at containing fumes, it should have both a tightly fitting door and an exhaust fan. This will ensure that no fumes escape while printing is taking place and that the fumes produced are cleaned from the environment. To be effective, the exhaust fan must be powerful enough, so check this specification when buying your 3-D printer enclosure.

Benefits Of 3D Printer Enclosures

  • provide shielding from dust
  • maintain a more constant temperature
  • protect the printer from droplets or spills of the build material
  • can be custom designed to meet your needs
  • increase your printer’s lifespan

Risks Of 3D Printer Enclosures

The enclosures also restrict access to the printer itself, which can make 3D printing more difficult than it would be if no enclosure was being used. In some instances, the enclosures have opened up new ways of making 3D prints. In many instances, however, the enclosures hinder design features. By taking away access to the printer, it makes it more difficult for 3D printers to be built and used as often as they are now. Teams of users with access to several printers would benefit more from these features than those who are restricted by a particular enclosure that they either have or do not have. The enclosures also hinder machines that require a power supply or outlet nearby.