Why Do 3D Printers Have Heated Beds?

Have you been wondering why 3d printers are equipped with heated beds? Or maybe you want to know how the heated bed affects your project? Let’s talk about heating. As with a regular printer, 3d printers use heat to fuse together plastics in order to make parts. So the heated bed is needed for both models and support materials. Most people mistake the heated bed with the extruder nozzle (the small tube that heats up and melts plastics).


Why Do 3D Printers Have Heated Beds?

A heated bed is a key feature for 3D printers, because they make it possible to print objects with a wide variety of materials. It can also make it easier to work with certain filament materials and plastics that are not temperature-tolerant.

What Is A Heated Bed On A 3D Printer?

For those that aren’t familiar with the concept of a heated bed, they are used to print objects on a platform that is heated.

The heated platform is made up of a series of layers such as thin filament layers, flexible filament layers and more. The platform can be heated by dissipation or convection to provide the appropriate temperature for the material being used.

3D printers with heated beds are becoming more and more common because they are the perfect solution to the problem of ABS. ABS is a type of plastic filament that can cause 3D prints to turn out with a lot of warping if it is not heated up before being used on a printer bed. Heated beds help solve this problem by keeping the filament at an ideal temperature before using it, preventing warping in 3D prints after they’re completed.

Advantages Of A Heated Bed

A heated bed on a 3d printer has many benefits.

1) Allows ABS to adhere to both the print surface and build plate better which in turn prevents warping.
2) Can greatly reduce the layer height needed for printing. This can be especially useful if you are using a material that is not permanently adhesive, for example PLA.
3) Helps with bed adhesion and in turn, helps reduce underextrusion and under-curing of filament which would cause poor print quality at best, or breakage of filament at worst.
4) Helps reduce the time needed to heat up your extruder.
5) Can be used for more than just ABS or PLA. Many different materials can bond to the heat plate surface allowing for experimentation with new materials without having to buy an entirely new machine.

Best Materials To Use With A Heated Bed

The heated bed on a 3d printer is best used with ABS or PLA. However, it can be used for a variety of other materials. Below are the materials that have been tested with the heated bed.


The heated bed is an important component of a 3d printer. In 3d printers, the heated bed plays an important role in providing the base for the printer and in ensuring that the printer has a higher accuracy when printing large objects. The heated bed is also useful as it prevents warping which may result from cool surfaces. A high quality 3d printer should have a well designed and maintained heated bed according to experts.