Raft vs Brim? Which Is Best To Use And When

raft vs brim

Are you trying to decide when to use raft or brim in your 3d prints? Keep reading to find out the difference! Let’s start with learning what each of these terms is. Contents What Is A Raft in 3D Printing? A raft is created when it is necessary to adhere the edges of building layers … Read more

What Is A 3D Printing Raft And When Should You Use One?

3d printing raft

Open-source 3D printing is exploding, and one of the most exciting developments has been the introduction of filaments for 3D printed rafts. These spools are designed specifically to be used as a raft in order to produce objects without a finishing stage. If you have ever wanted to design and print beautiful objects on your … Read more

The Benefits of On-Demand Manufacturing With 3d Printing

3d printing benefits

Technology has been a boon for the manufacture industry. A new technology called 3D printing is a form of manufacturing where 3-dimensional objects are created using additive processes. The process includes printing thin layers of material until a three dimensional object has been created. Compared to the traditional manufacturing techniques, it is quicker and also … Read more

Types of Filament for 3D Printing

3d printer filament

The world of 3D printing is rapidly expanding. The applications for this technology are endless, from prototyping to manufacturing. More and more entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and architects are using additive manufacturing in their businesses. It operates on the principle of extruding a chosen material through a nozzle to form a three-dimensional object with volumetric shapes … Read more

3D Printing Technologies: What to Know

3d printing technologies

3d printing is moving fast and the reason we are so excited about this technology is because it can give us an unprecedented opportunity to share and learn from the best ideas in every field. We want to take you through briefly how 3D printing works and the common 3d printing technologies. Contents Stereolithography (SLA) … Read more