Are 3D Printers A Good Investment?

Throughout our lives we’ve grown accustomed to the idea that, in order to purchase something, we would go down to the store and hand over some money. However, as of recently this is beginning to change.


3D printing has changed how people live all over the world by allowing people with access to a 3D printer have access to a wide variety of items that could not otherwise be found in stores. This blog is going to discuss if 3D printers are worth their hefty cost and if they are worth investing in or purchasing for your household.

Are 3D Printers A Good Investment?

You decide! There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to buy a 3D printer. One, the initial cost will be higher than that of other printers you might find at the store. Second, there is an ongoing cost of buying filament which can be hard to find and costly. Third, there are many different brands on the market and not all have similar quality levels or will work with similar software systems. And lastly, they are still in their infancy and had yet to make it into mainstream culture.

The Cost

Most 3D printers are pretty pricey, but the cost of a 3D printer can vary greatly. There are three types of 3D printers out there: The cheap, basic models not suited for anything more than small home projects, the mid-range printer that will do quite well but not as well as others, and then the top-of-the-line models that will surpass the average consumer’s expectations.

Prices for these printers differ largely. Cheap 3D printers can run you under a hundred dollars, but you’ll most likely be limited in what you can make and how well they will turn out. However, the models that are worth the investment are going to cost around $500 up to thousands of dollars. These printers will allow for higher quality printing and will allow for more options when printing objects. However, they will also require you to use 3D modeling programs to create your designs.

Filament Costs

Most of the costs involved with buying a 3D printer will be in the filament. The filament is the plastic used to make the object you want to print, and it isn’t cheap. The average cost for a spool of filament is $50-$100 per spool, and these can last anywhere from 10-100 hours if used continuously. This can range greatly depending on the filament type you choose to use.

The filament is also what you’ll be printing with. Most 3D printers use the filament you purchase from the store and once it is used up, it will need to be replaced or altered before being printed again. Some models allow for you to have a built-in cartridge, but even then they will still need to be purchased separately as well as refilled when they are running low on ink or out.


The software that controls the printer is going to end up being the most important factor in deciding whether or not a 3D printer is worth the investment. The software you will be using to design your object is going to dictate how long it will take for you to print and what features are going to be available within it. Some 3D printers allow for you to print using your favorite CAD program while others require you to use their own proprietary software.

Some printers give the user access to software that can be used with multiple 3D printers, making the experience much more enjoyable if you plan on buying more than one in the future. Other machines are limited and will only allow for use with their own software feature set, making using your 3D printer much harder and less enjoyable.

Companies Are Seeing The Value

Although 3D printing has been around for a while now, it is only recently that companies have begun to realize its true potential. Many of these companies are beginning to see the value of 3D printing and are utilizing it in many different ways to give their consumers access to products not otherwise found in stores.

Places like Staples, Office Depot and Best Buy have begun offering 3D printers as one of the many office supplies that they sell to consumers. These printers can be used by anyone who wants to print off items for themselves or for another person they know. They can be used for printing items for the home, business, or even as a gift to someone.

This is a great way to cut down on costs and get your projects done without having to spend money on shipping or making someone wait for you to send them something. Not only are companies realizing the value of 3D printing, but smaller businesses are also starting to see its value.

In Conclusion

3D printing is a great way to get your creative projects done without having to spend lots of money. This is a great way for people at home or small businesses to lower their cost per unit and give them the ability to customize their products to their needs. 3D printing is not for everyone, but it can be a great idea for people who want to create items that they would not normally find in stores. It’s also great for people with access questions due to disabilities or need of affordable alternatives.