Are 3D Printers Hard To Use?

Although 3D printers are quite popular now, they may still be difficult to operate and use especially for people who are not that tech-savvy.


Are 3D Printers Hard To Use?

No. 3D printers are a breeze if you follow these high level steps. Sure, you can make it a lot more complicated but if you are looking at learning the basics of the process, here you go.

Download a 3D design from the internet and make adjustments as needed.

What you will need is a 3D design file that you can download online. They are easy to find because of the popularity of 3D printers today. All you have to do is Google “3d printed designs” and it will come up with plenty of choices for you to choose from. Most 3d printing designs are free so there is no spending involved on your part.

Load it into your printer.

Most printers come with their own software that you can use to load designs. You just need to make sure that it will connect with the 3D printer or else you will have to download a different one. Once it is loaded, make adjustments as needed in order for printing to be successful. Most printers have adjustable settings such as infill and support material. Experiment on these to get the best result.

Load the filament into your printer

This is another easy step to follow. You just need to know which color and brand of filament works best with your printer. Make sure that you use the right type because some 3D printers fit specific types of filaments and are sensitive when it comes to switching between brands and types. Also, you need to let the printer heat up for several minutes before you start printing.

Press the print button

Use the software to press the print button. It may take a while for the printing process to be done but once it is finished, you will have created something amazing out of thin air! It’s that simple.


Once the printing is done, remove the filament and rinse it off with water so that it does not clog up your printer. Also, make sure to keep your print in a well-ventilated area for several days. That is all you need to do for a successful 3D print. Sure, there are other things that you could do such as making changes in your design or choosing different types of filaments; however, these steps are the basics of any 3D printing process.

So, with this article, I hope you are given some tips on how to make 3D printing easier. These steps will help you get started fast and see how 3D printers work for you. It will also give you a good foundation on how the process works just like the presets do within your printer software.


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